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garfbradaz new blog, hosted on github. Rambling about coding, running and any other of my ramblings.

About Me

Hello! I’m garfbradaz AKA Gareth, who spends the majority of his time coding, reading or running!

My backend language of choice is C#, using ASP.NET MVC stack, currently getting to grips with .NET Core, EF Core and ASP.NET Core.

I’m also dabbling in Azure and Docker containers, design patterns.

At work, I have been thrown into PHP/Wordpress and learning bash (mainly on Ubuntu 12.04+), which is brilliant. I get to chuck in Visual Studio Code, which I’m coming to love greatly. Obviously Visual Studio 2017 is my mainstay IDE, but it is great to learn other stuff and Code works well with PHP I’m finding.

I’m not a front end guy at all, I don’t have the knack at making stuff “look good”, but I’m interested in making Javascript my second language of choice and overload that with the Node.js framework. Angular4 is also on my “learn now” list.

Currently I’m wanting to use the following 12 months to contribute more to Open Source projects. At the moment I’m trying out coreFx repository and will blog about that more. I have so many ideas floating around in my head its hard to know which to do first!

As i said, when I’m not coding, I’m running. From 5K’s to 100km Ultra marathons, I love it and it compliments my life perfectly and would not be without it. I have a very supportive family, a marvellous wife, spectacularly awesome sons and beautiful daughter. Without their love, support and dedication, I couldn’t do what I do. And here they are in all their glory (love them).